Genre The main stars were Claudia Álvarez and Cristián de la Fuente. [17][18] Nerea Camacho was selected as Alejandra. First aired Aníbal asks lsabel to forgive him and tries to justify what Olga told him, promises that it will not happen again. Immediately, both feel a strong attraction for the young woman. 40-50 min Starring Isabel makes it clear to Daniel that she does not want anything with him. [6], Sergio (Horacio Pancheri) and Daniel (Cristián de la Fuente), are the brothers of Aníbal. Amparo discovers that Alejandra is Uriel's girlfriend, is convinced that it is a whim and decides to send her to Spain. [12][13] The free version is by Liliana Abud and the adaptation for TV is from Katia Rodríguez and Victoria Orvañanos.[14]. Carolina discovers that Víctor informs Carlos of Daniel's movements at the sawmill. Language Daniel faces a problem that could ruin the family business. Carlos pays the judge to get custody of Adrián. Writer Episodes After being pronounced dead in the forest fire, Daniel appears, but arrives at the clinic at the moment when Sergio confessed his love to Isabel and she kissed him. Carlos shoots a gun at Sergio's wedding. He asks her not to believe in him, because all he does is rivalry. 'Estaré contigo' "Aníbal se entera que Sergio puede morir", Aníbal meets up with Sergio while he has a crisis, and confesses that he has a clot in his brain, that if he is not operated, his life is in danger. [11] It is the first production of Bambú Producciones with Televisa, created by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira, writers of the series Velvet and Gran Hotel, and produced by Salvador Mejía. Victor gets out of jail and goes back to work with Carlos. In San Juan, Olga searches for Aníbal and seduces him once more. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Sergio no está seguro de casarse con Teresa". By the time the show was put on air in July, the whole telenovela was filmed in its entirety. Salvador Mejia Alejandre Sung by Aníbal learns that Olga lied to him about the theft. [6], What no one could imagine is that the young woman's presence would change the fate of the family, forever. Her home life also changes because now she has to live with her husband's parents Don Arturo and Amparo and his two brothers. Alejandra and Uriel manage to escape, but they suffer a terrible accident. Amparo warns lsabel that if there is something between her and Daniel, she will know what she is capable of. Aníbal's brothers Sergio and Daniel immediately, both feel a strong attraction for Isabel. "Isabel y Aníbal intentarán recuperar su matrimonio". "Isabel comprueba la infidelidad de Aníbal". Carlos takes revenge with Elisa for revealing the informant. The production began filming in Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán. "Uriel impide que Alejandra se case con Iker". [14] Halfway during filming, Villanueva exited the telenovela. Aníbal sabotages Daniel's plan to lift the sawmill strike. Daniel wants Carolina to be sure of him and for his peace of mind he decides to marry her to show her that he really cares about the welfare of his son. Daniel arrives with Carolina to the party, Amparo can not stand it and confesses that this woman is the daughter of her husband's lover. Isabel returns with Daniel, seeing that now they have their own family, they decide to live in the present without hatred and without regrets to be happy in the wild lands that saw their love born. He falls madly in love with his sister-in-law, but he knows he must renounce this forbidden love. Carlos tries to convince the employees of the sawmill to work for him. Claudia ÁlvarezCristián de la FuenteDiego OliveraHoracio Pancheri Last aired En tierras salvajes (English: Wild Lands) is a 2017 Mexican telenovela produced by … November 5, 2017 Producer Amparo slaps Daniel and demands an explanation about his nightly encounters with Isabel. Tired of the abuses and injustices, Daniel and the whole town create a plan to put a stop to the Molina. Jesús Nájera SaroLino Gama EsquincaFernando NesmeJosé Dossetti When Victor is at Carolina's house to say goodbye to his nephew, the police arrive to stop him. Amparo blackmails Arturo to authorize the expansion of the clinic. Olga takes advantage of what she heard when Sergio deliriates and sends a message to Aníbal, making her believe that Isabel has a relationship with his brother. "La infidelidad de Anibal podría descubrirse". They manage to leave San Juan del Valle so no one can find them. Carolina asks Daniel to choose who he wants to be with, she is not willing to see him with Isabel and if so, she assures him that she prefers not to have her son. He discovers them together and gets nervous, because Olga could end their marriage. [19], "5 series y telenovelas que llegan a la televisión en 2017", "Así es la historia de 'En Tierras Salvajes', telenovela de Televisa y Univision", "Elenco de `En tierras salvajes´ celebra misa", "Salvador Mejía da claquetazo a las grabaciones de la telenovela "En tierras salvajes, "Teleserie "En Tierras Salvajes" mostrará lo hermoso de Michoacán", "Conoce a los tres protagonistas y villano de la telenovela En tierras salvajes", "Mayrín Villanueva sale de 'En tierras salvajes' y Claudia Álvarez la sustituirá", "Claudia Ramírez se ha adaptado perfecto al equipo de "En tierras salvajes": Salvador Mejía", "Nerea Camacho debutará en México en la telenovela "En tierras salvajes, "En Tierras Salvajes: Todo puede pasar | Gran final, 5 de noviembre, ConLasEstrellas", "Rating capítulo final "En tierras salvajes", "Conoce A Los Nominados A Los Premios TVyNovelas 2018", "Ganadores de los Premios TVyNovelas 2018",, Mexican television series based on Spanish television series, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Amador knows that Alejandra will receive an inheritance and forces Iker to marry her, so they send a beating to Uriel to understand. Amador kidnaps Isabel to assassinate her in a ritual for her sect. "En tierras salvajes" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejia Alejandre for Televisa. Daniel has made a difficult decision, accepts that he had never loved someone like Isabel, but he must do the right thing and it is best to start a family with Carolina and his son. Executive producer Arturo recovers his memory and decides to denounce Aníbal. Hannibal tries to convince Isabel of Daniel's defamation to get them separated. Arturo learns that Aníbal is an accomplice of Carolina's killer and that Amparo protected him, when Arturo tried to go to the police, he suffers a stroke that leaves his life in danger. After a confrontation between brothers, Arturo is forced to make an energetic decision. Ramón CamposGema R. Neira On February 22, 2017, producer Salvador Mejía officially presented the cast of the telenovela, where the male protagonists would be de la Fuente, Olivera and Pancheri. When a bull is about to kill Uriel, lker interposes to make believe that he saves his life, and thus earn a kiss from Alejandra. Olga, with lies, is admitted to the clinic, but everything is, to get closer to Aníbal. Alejandra is pregnant. Amparo wants to know why her niece suffered a hemorrhage, Alejandra can not continue hiding the truth and confesses that she is pregnant. Channel Daniel supposes that Isabel feels something for him, and looks for her to ask her, but they are interrupted. Aníbal finds out, so he explodes against his father and Daniel for doing it aside. "Sergio le pide una oportunidad a Isabel". Daniel does not want to repeat the mistake he made some time ago, so he accepts in front of his family that he loves Isabel and they have decided to be together, apparently she stopped caring for Aníbal. She advises him, but Amparo listens and throws herself at Isabel because she is a bad influence on her children. The newlyweds Aníbal and Isabel are forced to change their place of residence. "Isabel es una gran tentación para Daniel". Preceded by Isabel and Aníbal announce to the family that they will leave San Juan, together. [17] On February 27, 2017, journalist Martha Figueroa confirmed in the program Hoy that Villanueva will no longer be the one to take the star role,[17] and that it had been assigned to Álvarez. The decisions of Isabel bring consequences and Carlos, enraged, tries to hit her. Olga threatens to kill Isabel. Uriel comes out of prison. Impulsively, Daniel falls into Carlos' trap, is surprised by the police, arrested and unjustly accused of theft. Amparo learns that Alejandra never arrived at the boarding school in Spain. "Daniel formará una familia con Carolina". Isabel is in danger when looking for Daniel at the sawmill. He falls madly in love with his sister-in-law, but he knows he must renounce this forbidden love. Amparo believes that it is the opportunity for Iker to steal her heart. July 31, 2017 After discovering lsabel and Daniel together, Carolina feels betrayed and plans to escape from the village with her son. Isabel also finds out that Daniel will be a dad. Alejandra agrees to go fishing with him, but Amparo discovers them. Sergio reveals to all, the infidelity of Aníbal. Aníbal promises lsabel that he will save the sawmill. Sergio is a quiet and sensible man, working as a doctor and always willing to take care of Isabel's health. Telenovela For Isabel and Daniel to be together is increasingly difficult. Alejandra discovers that someone has been stealing money from her trust. Sergio knows that Aníbal is unfaithful to his wife and threatens him to confess Isabel the truth. En tierras salvajes (English: Wild Lands)[3] is a 2017 Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía for Televisa. "Arturo es víctima de los chantajes de Amparo". Amparo confronts Daniel, claims to have betrayed Aníbal and steal Isabel's love, Daniel assures her that it was not so and that he is willing to defend what he feels for her. Enamorándome de Ramón Sergio finds Isabel and Daniel in the cabin while they kiss, he is surprised to discover that they have a relationship and not only made fun of him, but the whole family. Isabel Montalbán is a beautiful woman from the big city, who suffers from a serious lung disease, and is forced to move to a quiet and small town along with her husband Anibal. Isabel arrives at the apartment of Aníbal and finds Olga, this evidences the betrayal of her husband. Elisa confesses to Andrés who is the spy of the Molina. Alejandra confirms that she is pregnant, when she breaks the news to Uriel, he rejects her and assures her that he does not want to be with her again after learning that he was the object of a bet. Alejandra believes that Uriel was fired, goes out looking for him and when he finds him they can not help but kiss for the first time. "Sergio se entera que Isabel y Daniel son amantes". When Arturo closes the sawmill, Daniel no longer has reason to continue in the estate, so he decides to move away from San Juan del Valle for a while. Daniel gets a contract for the sawmill and Arturo decides to give him an opportunity to continue in front of it. She realizes that she is falling in love with both Daniel and Sergio, but feels that she must fight to save her marriage and avoid a serious conflict in the family. This page was last edited on 28 August 2020, at 15:38. [5], Isabel Montalbán (Claudia Álvarez) is a beautiful woman from the big city, who suffers from a serious lung problem, and goes to live in a small town, in search of rest. Followed by Arturo learns Sergio's true feelings and asks Isabel to clarify the situation. Isabel reveals Silvia, who is in love with Daniel. Isabel discovers the plans in the house of the Molina and decides to speak with Daniel. Isabel suffers the consequences of helping in the fire. Country The authorities arrest Carolina and take her son away. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film … Isabel can no longer silence her love, and although she knows it is wrong, she asks Daniel to stay, because she needs him. Aníbal manages to sign a contract to be named director of the sawmill. "Aníbal le ruega a Isabel que lo perdone". Isabel discovers that Aníbal spent the night with his lover and confesses that she no longer loves him. Alejandra decides not to leave, and rendezvous with Uriel. Creator Isabel talks to Sergio, he confesses not being sure to marry Teresa. Victor betrays Carlos to help Carolina escape with Adrián. Carolina surprises them in bed. "Olga conoce a Isabel, la esposa de su amante". Isabel saves the clinic of the Otero family, by buying the shares of Rodolfo, becomes a majority partner and her first decision is to open the public area. [15] Much of the production takes place in the Televisa San Ángel forum 10. Buscamos pasarlo bien y haceros reir con nuestras cosas epic fun que nos pasan siempre. "Arturo descubre que Amparo protegió a Aníbal". "Arturo se entera que Isabel se va a divorciar". "Isabel se convierte en socia de la clínica". En tierras salvajes [14] At the beginning of production, the actors were Salvador Mejía, Cristián de la Fuente, Diego Olivera, Horacio Pancheri, Mayrín Villanueva, Daniela Romo, Maricruz Nájera, César Évora, Ninel Conde, Ximena Córdoba, Emmanuel Palomares, among others. The love of Alejandra and Uriel triumphs, they decide to get married. Me declaro culpable "Aníbal cree que Isabel lo engaña con Sergio". Marco Antonio Solís Teresa discovers that it is Isabel who Sergio is in love with. Aníbal decides to turn himself in to the police for the death of Carolina. Daniel shows the culprit to disclose information to the Molina. "Amparo descubre la relación de Isabel y Daniel". Sergio is a quiet and sensible man, working as a doctor and always willing to take care of Isabel's health. En Tierras Salvajes es la historia de tres hombre enamorados de la misma mujer... y una mujer condenada a decidir a quién amar. The show concluded on November 5, 2017. He asks Rodolfo that if the operation is not successful, let him die. Theme music Alejandra agrees to say that the baby she is expecting is from Iker, she is very afraid that Amparo will find out that the baby is really from Uriel. Daniel prepares a special and romantic night for Isabel. What no one could imagine is that the young woman's presence would change the fate of the family, forever. Runtime Isabel's drama begins when she feels that her marriage is falling apart, since Aníbal only cares about her family's business and money, and moves more away from Isabel. Carlos finds the opportunity to get rid of Daniel, asks Victor to cause an accident at the sawmill. Daniel admits to being in love with Isabel, his brother's wife. Iker places a substance in Alejandra's drink; He intends to abuse her. Mexico It's an original story and it started airing on July 31, 2017 as a replacement for 'Enamorándome de Ramón'. Andrés discovers who caused the accident at the sawmill. Televisa "Iker consigue separar a Uriel de Alejandra". Álvarez replaced her, and part of the filming had to be reshot. Director [16] Mayrín Villanueva had been chosen as the protagonist of the melodrama, but due to other commitments, she left the project. Carolina, devastated because she will get away from her son, tries to commit suicide. "En tierras salvajes" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejia Alejandre for … Isabel and Daniel finally kiss, but she demands him not to do it again because it is a mistake. HOLA A TODOS Y BIENVENIDOS AL CANAL DE YOUTUBE HECHO PARA REIRSE CON LOS VIDEOJUEGOS!!!!! Regina tells Renato that conquering Uriel was a bet between Alejandra and her. Genaro follows Doña Amparo's orders and informs her of Isabel's visit to the sawmill to meet Daniel; Amparo begins to suspect that there is something else between them. Sergio undergoes a risky operation. Alejandra is about to get married, but Uriel arrives in time to prevent her from giving her life to Iker. Sergio begins to fall in love with Isabel. "Amparo le exige a Alejandra que regrese a España". On the other hand, Daniel is a handsome and savage man; he is the freest of his brothers and lives life with intense passion. Amparo finds Alejandra's whereabouts, and demands Uriel for kidnapping. Isabel negotiates with Carlos Molina and gets Daniel's freedom. Amparo causes a tachycardia to attract attention and manipulate her family. [6], Isabel's drama begins when she feels that her marriage is failing, since her husband, Aníbal only cares about the family's business and money, and grows more distant from his wife. It is an adaptation of Spanish telenovela Terciopelo. Aníbal orders to kidnap Olga. Carolina listens that Amador betrayed Aníbal and that along with Olga they think to flee with the fraud money. Amparo blames Isabel for all the problems of her family. Daniel can not deny that Isabel's presence has him uneasy. [6], Production of the series began on March 13, 2017. Aníbal discovers that his wife sneaks in with Daniel. Olga blackmails Aníbal to stay with her. Because of Isabel's contempt, Sergio drinks too much and has a serious accident on the road that leaves him on the verge of death. Isabel is determined to separate from Aníbal, and confesses to her father-in-law that she is interested in someone else but makes it clear that it is not Sergio. She loves him and will soon divorce Anímal. While in the city, Aníbal cheats on Isabel with another woman. [6], On the farm of the Otero family, Don Arturo (César Évora), the patriarch of the family, is a kind and affectionate gentleman, and Doña Amparo (Daniela Romo), his wife, a controlling and arrogant lady. Sergio's suspicions provoke Aníbal's decision to save his marriage. Amparo learns that Carolina expects a son of Daniel, decides to go to the cabin to get out of doubt and finds him kissing Isabel. "Amparo se entera que Alejandra está embarazada". Spanish Liliana AbudKatia RodríguezVictoria OrvañanosDolores OrtegaJulio César NájeraAdriana Spota Iker asks Alejandra for her inheritance in exchange for seeing Uriel alive, but she is also captured and subdued by him, who tries to abuse her in front of Uriel. Carolina finds the letters saved from her mother, so she discovers that she had an affair with Arturo, and when confronted, he decides to reveal what happened in the past. [4] The series was created by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira and stars Claudia Álvarez, Diego Olivera, Cristián de la Fuente, Horacio Pancheri, Ninel Conde, César Évora and Daniela Romo. Carlos shoots against Isabel, but Sergio gets in the way and falls seriously injured, leaving his life to save the woman he loves. Elisa is taken to the hospital for the beating of her brother Carlos, Daniel feels obliged to protect her and threatens Carlos Molina. Olga looks for Aníbal, but Isabel arrives at her house without knowing that she is her husband's lover. On the other hand, Daniel is a handsome and savage man, he is the wildest of the three brothers, he lives life with intense passion. Amador does not have enough evidence against the Molina, so he leaves them free. Filming of the show started on February 21'st 2017. "Arturo conoce los sentimientos de Sergio". Before dying, Carolina declared that Carlos was responsible for her disappearance, so he is arrested and unjustly accused of the death of Carolina. Carlos plans to obtain custody of his son. Amparo asks Aníbal to leave the house. Silvia accompanies Carolina to the clinic to find out what are the discomforts she had in prison, there she discovers that she is expecting a child. When they argue, Daniel saves Isabel's life and receives Carlos's shot. 69 Telenovela Database Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. "Daniel defiende el amor que siente por Isabel". Carlos Molina looks for Aníbal to propose to him that they are united and neither of the two sawmills goes to bankruptcy, when Arturo and Daniel find out, they reject the proposal of Aníbal. Arturo gathers the workers to inform them of his decision, while Aníbal makes deals with Amador to save the sawmill. For Aníbal his wife is an object and his lover a talisman. In her new residence, live the parents and the brothers of her husband, Aníbal Otero (Diego Olivera). At the hospital, Isabel receives an unexpected visit. To avoid that Carolina speaks, Amador shoots her without mercy and assassinates her. Olga tells Daniel that Aníbal was present when Amador shot Carolina. Aarón Gutiérrez Méndez Isabel realizes that she is falling in love with Daniel and Sergio, but feels that she must fight to save her marriage and avoid a serious conflict in the family.

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