Brand: Nitto: Title: Diaclone Car Robot Countach LP500S Patrol Car Type: Scale: No : Type: Full kit: Released: 198x | Initial release - new tool: Topic: Diaclone » Other (Science Fiction) Box contents Product timeline. I shot pictures of my friends' and my toy collection. Edit This book is a collection of my photography. Brand. The TFW2005 thread about the book is from March of 2011, meaning this was released almost four years ago. The product number for this piece can be seen in the top right corner of the box top and box bottom. Diaclone Car Robot Countach LP500S Patrol Car Type Nitto | No. In addition to the already-excellent Car Robots that Takara sold in stores, there were campaign prize items like the above gold chromed No.7 Fairlady Z and gold No.14 Porsche 935 Turbo made available through various promotions, sometimes found on the inner flap of a Diaclone Car Robot … Visit Blurb! Facts. The book is available now from in softcover, hardcover, and hardcover with a dust jacket. The book is a photoanalysis of those toy pictures. "461321-1-1500" indicates a sale price of 1500 yen originally. This is "Diaclone Car Robots - Honda City R and Fairlady Z" by Salvatore Cuffari on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Edit list price About the Book. Diaclone: Car Robots Vol 1. by Nicholas Chen. Car Robot Countach (later disambiguated as Countach LP500S/Super Tuning) is widely regarded as the first robot fully transformable into a car, as is Takara’s own assertion. The technical picture on the bottom of the box uses actual toy photographs whereas the first Diaclone Car Robots had less detailed pictures. It details the original transforming car robot toys from Japan. Not only are the Car Robots the beginning for TF, but they would increase Diaclone’s popularity to new levels. The Diaclone inspiration for Spinout was the first Diaclone release of the Car Robots sub-line, which you'll see is alluded to on the vehicle mode's license plate: CR 01. How did I completely miss this? Why didn’t you guys tell me there’s a book titled Diaclone: Car Robots and that it has been out since 2011? Nitto Gah!

diaclone car robots

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